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Linked Cycling began in 2008, when a group of Christian cyclists realized that the sports of mountain and road biking were a great way to get together and bond the way guys do. We wanted to continue riding bikes the way we truly enjoyed, but more importantly, we wanted to devote the time on the bikes to our Creator. One day we will all pass away from this life, and we’ll be face-to-face with our Creator, who will evaluate us for eternity. As long as we repent from the sin which separates us from that Creator (God) and place our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, we can be confident that on the day of our meeting, he’ll say, “enter into the kingdom of Heaven!” 

We all have many friends who cycle (MTB & Road), and so many of them aren’t sure where they’ll spend eternity. Linked Cycling is committed to sharing the truth of what the Bible says, and we hope that many people in this great sport respond to that message and begin to follow (become LINKED to) Jesus Christ!

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