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Saturday:  Linked Fellowship MTB Ride

Location:   Please See Details for Location

Time:        7:15AM


Like to get in the dirt for some Saturday morning MTB fun?  Join us for our weekly Saturday MTB rides.


The last Saturday of each month we host a ride in Aliso and Woods Canyon.


All other Saturday's We typically ride one of the following locations: Whiting Ranch, Laguna Wilderness, or Santiago Oaks.


These rides always start as about an 8 mile fellowship ride and will usually break into smaller groups so guys that wish to do extra credit can hammer on.

Please see our Calendar or our Facebook Group page for ride details and confirmation of events each week as there are occasionally unforeseen circumstances which may derail our standard schedule.

Sunday:    Linked Road/Gravel Ride

Location:   Please See Details for Location


Time:       7:15AM


Like to switch things up?  Join us for our weekly Sunday Road or Gravel rides.  Events vary from week to week so check our Calendar or Facebook Group page regularly for ride details and confirmation of events each week.

Wednesday:  Linked W3C Men's MTB

Location:      Aliso & Woods Canyon

Time:           Summers @ 5:30PM


Our Orange County Chapter's Weekly Wednesday Men's MTB ride, in Aliso & Woods Canyon.

This is a fellowship ride and we will ride at a fellowship pace. That means that nobody will be dropped!

We will meet at the main parking lot off of Alica and Awma Road at 5:30pm for prayer and then hit the trail. 

Our route will include a trip up Cholla to at least the top of Mathis and we will choose a route down from there based on what the group wants to do. As the weeks go on, and the length of daylight increases, the length of the ride will also increase and will include going all the way up to Top of the World.

As usual, we will follow the ride up with dinner.

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